• Gonorrhea Symptoms And Facts You Should Know

  • Easily Test For Gonorrhea At Home

    Gonorrhea can spread through sexual contacts. It is not necessary that there is ejaculation. Just contact with vagina, penis, anus or mouth can cause the infection. A newborn baby can contract this infection from mother during the delivery. A big problem with this infection is that its symptoms are not immediately clear. A person infected with it may not see any symptoms of it for several days. It means even a person looking healthy and without any symptoms of gonorrhea may be carrying its bacteria. Anyone having sexual contact with such a person can contract this infection. You can easily test for gonorrhea at home in two different ways.


    The first option is to use a quick home test kit that shows the result within a few minutes. The procedure is slightly different for men and women who use this kit. This type of kit generally has some chemical liquids that are mixed with the swabbed specimen. The color line highlighting system is used to indicate the result. The test strip has two lines in two different colors. Highlighting of one color line indicates a positive result while highlighting of another line indicates a negative result. The test system used for this purpose also indicates if you have mixed the chemicals properly. It is important to read the kit use instructions carefully before initiating the testing process.


    The advantage of this type of rapid test kit is that you get to see the result within a few minutes. You do not have to visit a lab or send your specimen anywhere to get tested. If you perform the test as directed, you will get an accurate result. It is an easy to use and reliable gonorrhea home testing system. This type of STD test kit is used even in clinics and hospitals that need the test result immediately. It is an approved and certified method for gonorrhea testing.


    Another option is to use gonorrhea home testing kits sold by laboratories. With this type of kit, you collect your bio-specimen and send it to the lab by mail. The kit you receive includes the items needed to collect your specimen. Follow the instruction for collecting the bodily sample. The lab will take 2-5 days to declare the result after receiving the sample. You will receive the result by email and can also check it at the lab's website. The lab performs a NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test) for gonorrhea. Because this is the same test used to detect chlamydia bacteria, a lab home test kit offers to test for both gonorrhea and chlamydia.


    You should get tested for gonorrhea if you had unprotected sex. At the same time, you cannot go for the test immediately after the sexual encounter. You have to wait at least 2-3 weeks from the encounter date. This is the time when the bacteria of the STD appear in sufficient amount in the bio-specimens. You should undergo gonorrhea testing again three months after the date of the sexual encounter. It will rule out any possibility of the gonorrhea infection. If your test result is positive, it is important to consult your doctor immediately and start the treatment for gonorrhea.